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File Expert
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Version: 6.2.3 updated
Upload Date: 15 Aug 14
Developer: Alex Xin
Distribution Type: Freeware
Downloads: 2346
Size: 8574 Kb

Rating: 3.0/5 (Total Votes: 27)

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File Expert is a small fast and powerful file manager for Android platform. Supports all file operations. It can share your cell phone files using FTP/HTTP via WIFI. It means you can access your mobile phone on your computer without any cable. File Expert also can access your computer which is running SMB file sharing service.

What's New in This Release:

· Optimize browsing pictures capability
· Support to see high resolution images and .gif pictures
· Support to see WeChat Images in Gallery
· Faster to search devices when sending files by WiFi

What's New in 6.2.0:

· Add sharing function via bluetooth when users choose multiple files
· Repair login failure of
· Repair login failure of Dropbox, SkyDrive on certain phones
· Strengthen the security performance of the software

What's New in 6.1.9:

· Fix after activating Root Explorer cannot go into Phone Internal Storage problem
· Fix after deleting original file in File Expert but the desktop shortcut still exists problem

What's New in 6.1.8:

· Add remember latest encoding choice under txt editor
· Add show file/folder storage path feature in Details
· Enhance Details interface

What's New in 6.1.7:

· Fix delete icon not shown problem on 2.x devices
· Add "By Frequency Sorting" feature under Apps

What's New in 6.1.5:

· Fix external SD card write access issue on certain devices
· Fix setting music file as ring tone crash problem
· Update Russian (Translated by Maksnogin)

What's New in 6.1.4:

· Fix GCloud upload and QuickSend share issues
· Fix minor bugs, and enhance stability

What's New in 6.1.2:

· Add new classification method for files in Apk Files, E-Books and Documents under My Files tab
· Optimize file upload operation
· Update Russian translation
· Fix minor bugs

What's New in 6.0.8:

· Enhanced Web PC Suite performance, and now support logging on mobile devices
· Added "Find password" feature on login page
· Added Sorting feature in Music
· Added set music as ringtone feature
· Fixed picture sorting issue in Gallery

What's New in 6.0.7:

· Support decompress zip file which is protected by password
· Fixed code related issues
· Enhance compress and decompress performances
· Add smart sorting in Gallery
· Add Hindi language support, and fixed spelling mistake in Spanish version Portuguese

What's New in 6.0.6:

· Fix the incompatibility with Android 4.4 issue
· Support sort pictures in different categories by their attribute
· Fix video thumbnail double display and picture thumbnails not shown problem.
· Support add files on external SD card into SafeBox
· Enhance My Clouds download and upload performance

What's New in 6.0.5:

· All the Pro Key Plugin Users can experience Advanced Account one month for Free!
· Enhanced Bluetooth transfer speed, and added task bar
· Support copy and upload files directly into matched folders on GCloud
· Fixed file-sharing issue under certain situations
· Update Turkish and Macedonian

What's New in 6.0.3:

· Added App data local backup and restore
· Added File Shredder
· Optimized Video Player under Web-PC Suite

What's New in 6.0.1:

· Fix GCloud file upload issues
· Performances tweak and improvements

What's New in 6.0.0:

· GeekSoft Accounts & Pro Key verification
· Switchable Light, Black and Mixed Theme
· Recycle Bin
· File Tagging
· File Expert Feature Shop
· New UI & UE with much faster running performances
· Introduce free GCloud service
· Backup both App and its data to GCloud and restore them (need rooted phone)
· Re-designed root explorer engine

What's New in 5.1.9:

· Update Image Browser: support share, delete and crop pictures
· Add language switch button in Settings inside this app.
· Update Polish translation

What's New in 5.1.8:

· Improved Search feature: folders will show in search results
· Fixed a bug that caused Dropbox to fail to connect sometimes
· The Safebox user interface is more intuitive
· Updated Russian translation

What's New in 5.1.7:

· Fixed a bug that caused Google Drive to crash under certain circumstances
· Updated Japanese, Polish translations
· Performance improvement

What's New in 5.1.6:

· Fixed a bug that caused file sharing via QuickSend to fail
· Performance optimization
· Updated Hebrew translation

What's New in 5.1.4:

· Added support for tab customization in Settings: now you can choose which tab to show at start up
· Added new feature: create shortcut for a single file
· Optimized cloud storage interface: you can open separate tabs for different cloud accounts
· Added Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Catalan support, now File Expert supports 25 languages

What's New in 5.1.2:

· Added new feature: when selecting file in email or other ways, choose "Save To" to save it in any dir
· Fixed a bug that caused crash when deleting files from FTP server or moving files from FTP server to local place
· Fixed a bug that caused the date info for files on some network servers to be incorrect
· Improved Russian translation

What's New in 5.1.1:

· Added new feature: When decompressing file in email or other ways, you can decompress it to any dir you want. (Note: Files in email must be saved)
· Added Sent Files option in My Files/Quick Send/Received Files
· Improved Spanish and French translation.
· Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the app to crash when opening network share
· Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the app to crash when using FE Image Viewer to browse pictures in SMS
· All new permissions are required to receive GCM push message for Quick Send

What's New in 5.0.8:

· Classify videos into Local Video
· Added operation Send via Wi-Fi in Menu/Batch when selecting multiple files
· Improved Traditional Chinese, Portuguese (PT), German and Russian translations
· When opening service of Web PC Suite or FTP Sharing, task will show in ongoing notification bar
· Fixed a FC bug about NFC Tapping
· Classic Black Theme is available again

What's New in 5.0.6:

· SD card and External sdcard can be shared by Web PC Suite, FTP Sharing and Bluetooth Sharing at the same time
· Support the open format, such as .epub, .mkv, .rmvb
· Music can be sorted by Album or Artist
· Add Message Box in My Tools
· Fix bug that multiple accounts can't be remembered in Dropbox
· Fix bug that sorting will be invalid after restart
· Fix bug that on Web PC Suite you can't repeatedly login and cannot upload files on Firefox

What's New in 5.0.5:

· Add User Manual in Settings
· Images are sorted by From Camera or From others
· Optimize the detection of external SDcard. If you can't find it please let us know.
· New feature: add sort by reversed order
· Fix a bug that turn off Display Tabs will be effective only before exit FE
· Fix a bug that can't do multi-select in Grid View in Safebox
· Fix a bug that sometimes click One Touch Clean will crash
· Change the shortcut icon for Web PC Suite and FTP Sharing

What's New in 5.0.3:

· New Metal Theme is available
· Fix the login bug for Dropbox
· Add View Mode: small, middle or large
· Improve search speed for Wi-Fi Sharing
· Support Wi-Fi hotspot connection in Web PC Suite and FTP Sharing
· APK file in network server can be installed by one click
· Fix bug: can't disply image and play music on PS3 when share via DLNA
· Fix bug: crash when click Back button after fast scrolling
· Fix bug: crash when click shortcut on some devices
· Improve Czech translation

What's New in 5.0.2:

· Change default UI. Theme Manager is back and Candy Theme is available.
· Improve Korean and Portuguese translation. Add Czech support.
· Add SugarSync in My Could
· Add Wi-Fi Direct Sharing
· Show Music and Video in Web PC Suite
· Files in My Documents can be shared as attachment in Email or Messages
· Fix minor bugs

What's New in 4.2.9:

· Add "Get New Games" under My Apps!! Now enjoy games recommended by File Expert!
· Improve English translation in web sharing interface
· Fix the force close bug when open mp3 files
· Fix bug that cut and paste multi-file will fail in SD Card

What's New in 4.2.8:

· New web sharing page available with enhanced performance and user experience!!
· Add user name display function for Google Drive
· Improve English and Japanese translation
· Fix Google Drive crash issue, if you still have issues with it, please let us know
· Fix bug that when touch music player in background, playing song will restart from beginning

What's New in 4.2.6:

· Add show account feature for all supported cloud drives.
· Fix bug that SkyDrive cannot used.
· Fix bug that cannot back to FE if logged to Baidu cloud disk.
· Clearfy some tags.
· Now FE can directly upload files to iShare service and share them to your friends.

What's New in 4.2.4:

· Add .xlsx file display in My Documents.
· Add external SDcard display in My Files on Galaxy S III.
· Fix bug that File Expert can't add attachments to email.
· Fix the headline display error.

What's New in 4.2.4:

· Fix bug that files in external sdcard will not display in My Documents on some devices
· Fix bug that the folder shortcut can't work correctly
· Fix bug that built-in music player will go to endless loop
· Add External SD Card display in My Files on TCL S900

What's New in 4.2.2:

· Image Viewer now supports cloud files on selected services
· Fix bug in KDrive cloud storage
· Performance improvements and bug fixes

What's New in 4.1.9:

· File Expert newly released its own Music Player!
· Fix bug that files can't be downloaded in KDrive cloud storage.
· Fix minor bugs when searching network server.
· Fix bug in silent installing apps.

What's New in 4.1.0:

· Fix a bug when copying files on vdisk cloud storage
· Fix a bug when renaming a file
· Change the way to donate, you can buy File Expert Donate Plugin from Android market to donate.

What's New in 4.0.9:

· Fix rename issue
· Fix simple list issue

What's New in 4.0.9:

· Fix a crash issue on 2.1 and 2.2 ROM when searching for files
· Fix a crash issue when working with KDrive cloud storage

What's New in 4.0.5:

· Fix some FC bugs
· Improved compatibility for Android 4.0 ICS
· Add an new free online service that can find apps which can open given file formats like DOC, PPT, PDF, etc.
· Performance optimization
· Add a new cloud storage service provider Sina VDisk

What's New in 4.0.3:

· Fix sorting issue
· Fix an issue that cannot edit file permission if work on rooted phone
· Correct German language translation
· Add an option on settings which can auto backup newly installed apps
· Add an option on settings which allows users to choose default startup tab
· Show app version on My Apps
· Fix an issue on opening RAR files
· Support to set image file as wallpaper
· Fix an issue that cannot display MENU button on Honeycomb or above version

What's New in 3.2.7:

· Directly file transferring support over WiFi between two File Expert powered phones
· Support Nickname for network servers
· New Web PC Suite interface and adds a new web app Gallery
· Performance improvements
· Multi file selection by using CTRL key on Web PC Suite
· Fix a bug that cannot use Web PC Suite in IE8 and IE7
· Fix file picker issue

What's New in 3.2.1:

· Add Bluetooth OBEX FTP sharing support. Now you can use other bluetooth enabled device and OBEX-capable software to manage your smart phone via Bluetooth
· Add Bluetooth OBEX OPP support. Now you can send any files to other Bluetooth devices using File Expert
· Performance improvements and bug fixes
· Add a txt editor on Web PC Suite, now you can view and edit your txt files via Web sharing

What's New in 3.1.2:

· Add web sharing multiple files upload support
· Add drag and drop support on web sharing mode on some browsers
· Fix a bug that will show wrong web URL on Moto Xoom
· Add Korean language support
· Correct some spell errors
· Add support for adding file shortcuts on desktop

What's New in 3.1.1:

· Add Batch Zip function, you can select multiple files and zip them all in this way: Menu-->Batch-->Batch Zip
· Performance improvements

What's New in 3.0.9:
· Improve root access performances
· Support to decompress APK, jar, war and ear files
· Improve logic when try to open an unknown file
· Fix a bug that cannot show popup menu when try to perform operations on search results
· Other important bug fixes and improvements
· Add Spanish language support

What's New in 3.0.8:
· Fix a bug that may freeze the phone
· Fix a bug that may cannot display update notification on certain phones
· Fix a bug that may freeze the phone on root access mode
· Add theme manager
· Other important bug fixes and improvements

What's New in 3.0.7:
· Fix ZIP decompression bug
· Improve root access performance and compatibility with app2sd mode
· Support REAL multitasking operation, now you can move current task to background and start a new task. May slow on low-end devices
· Fix a bug that will stop current running task while HOME is pressed
· Now you can add FTP and Web sharing shortcut on desktop to perform one touch sharing
· Other important bug fixes and improvements

What's New in 2.5.9:
· Fix bugs on Nexus One that will cause FCs
· Fix a bug that cause cut doesn’t work while cutting files from phone to computer

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